Pawz Perfect Dog Training

Welcome to Pawz Perfect Dog Training!

Welcome to Pawz Perfect!!  Where learning is FUN and training is a GAME!!

We aim to be your go-to destination for innovative and FUN dog training in Auckland, New Zealand! We’re passionate about helping you to develop your relationship with your dog.  We specialise in games-based positive reinforcement techniques that make learning fun for both you and your dog.

Our programs are designed with your dog’s well-being in mind.  Train with us and explore a world of interactive games and positive reinforcement strategies that foster a strong bond between you and your dog.  Regardless of your interest in sports or general good behaviour, our training methods prioritise the happiness and mental stimulation of your dog.

Discover a variety of training programs tailored to suit different ages and skill levels. Whether you have a curious pup or a seasoned canine, and regardless of your chosen breed, our approach ensures a tail-wagging good time while instilling essential behaviours.

Join our community of dog lovers committed to creating positive experiences for their pets. Let’s embark on a journey of learning, play, and companionship. Together, we’ll make every moment with your dog a memorable one.

Welcome to a world where learning is FUN & training is a GAME!