25 Day Online Training Challenge

$ 55.00

‘Sexier Than a Squirrel’ 25 Day Training Challenge

Play a game a day for 25 days to keep you motivated and build a strong relationship with your dog/s.

You will have access to our ‘Sexy Squirrels’ private facebook group for regular videos, as we follow along each day too. This is a place for support and feedback to help you on your way to having a dog that sees you as sexier than that squirrel, bunny, cat, or any other distraction!

The online course is yours for ‘Life’ for just a one-off payment of NZ$55.00

(This online course is created by the Absolute Dogs team in the UK)



The Worldwide Sexier Than A Squirrel 25 Day Training Challenge

The awesome team at Absolute Dogs, created this fun filled games challenge and as a Pro Dog Trainer we are able to offer this to you!  So let’s keep the energy up and the dog training results coming and ensure:

  • your continued momentum in your dog training,
  • that you have focus that will be an optimism boost,
  • a way to work with and enrich your dog’s life when life might be looking a little different.

We’ll be following a daily challenge where each day you will play a new game with your dog. The aim of the challenge is to make sure that we are all as ready and as homeschooled as we can be such that when we are back to business as usual our dogs choose us over the environment – putting an end to struggles like pulling on lead, being distracted by critters/other dogs/scents and simply not listening!

People from all over the world will be going through this challenge with you that will be delivered online in a video format.

It’s going to be so much fun and should really give us all something to focus on and work towards in this time – I’ll be going through the challenge with my dogs too!

You can access this fantastic 🐾 IN-HOME 🐾 training challenge through me for the special introductory price of NZ$55 !

Access to this fabulous offer is 🌟 LIFETIME 🌟 so anytime you need a boost of training optimism or get a new dog, the learning will be there for you – you have access for LIFE!

There is a worldwide facebook community you will be able to join, PLUS there will a separate private facebook group just for you to join, “Sexy Squirrels”, where you can ask questions, post your own videos, follow along with others and get feedback and coaching from the Pawz Perfect Team!

It’s going to be so much fun and should really give us all something to focus on and work towards – not to forget a huge optimism boost too!  We will be going through the challenge with our dogs too so be sure to check out our video progress in the “Sexy Squirrels” group.

Although it is called the 25 Day Challenge you will have lifetime access to be able to work  through the games at you own pace!


Once payment has been received you will receive a link to enrol in the online challenge. 


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