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PULLER – is the innovative fitness tool for dogs developed by professionals.

It’s a set of two purple rings that provide daily active training and also an opportunity for the owner to develop a bond with their dog.

PULLER gained fame and recognition among trainers and dog owners with the unique concept of the two rings. A set of activities and exercises based on two PULLER rings can significantly improve the understanding between the dog and the owner.

Basic characteristics of PULLER and properties of the unique material from which it’s made is the key to success of PULLER among the owners and their pets. PULLER is guaranteed to be liked by a dog that is important for trainings, and pleases owners.

PULLER is light, soft and it floats!

The uniqueness of PULLER is that its dimensions are carefully calculated, both diameter and thickness. The material is soft enough that the dog can bite it, but it’s also sufficiently resistant to withstand the maximum load. So every PULLER, not just Maxi, is capable of withstanding exercises with the group of dogs that such size is recommended for.

Made of non-toxic material and takes into account the needs of pets in comfort and safety. The dogs like the fact that PULLER is flavorless, cause it’s not annoying or distracting the dog from the exercises with PULLER.

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