WestPaw Zogoflex Echo Zwig

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Zwig is safer than a stick and has a twist that makes it perfect for fetch and water play. It’s 35cm length makes for a safe distance between hands and jaws for tug-o-war. Perfect dog toy for two-dog play.

Built for dog’s that love squeezy, bouce-back resistance.

Perfect interactive toy for dog’s who like to share, and for those who don’t.
Great for fetch or flinging on land or in the water (Zwig floats).
Some people think that playing tug with their dogs can make them more aggressive, but that’s actually not true. Playing tug can be a great way to redirect destructive behavior, it’s good exercise for their brains and bodies and it’s a nice way to bond with your best friend.
All Zogoflex® dog toys are recyclable — meaning when you send your worn-out toys back to WestPaw, they sanitize them, grind them up and turn them into more things dogs love.

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